Sunday, October 19, 2014

11th annual Fall Fondue

We had our 11th annual Fall Fondue party last night with Aimee & John and Collin & Jodi. This year the kids got to join in the fun and they had a great time too!

First Gym Meet

Lauren had her first gym meet today and she did so well, we were really proud of her! She got 4th place on her floor routine, 5th on the bars, and 5th overall (out of 17 in her age group). It was really fun to watch her and her team, they are a great group of girls who all worked so hard. I will upload videos of her events soon!

UW Gymdawgs

Last weekend Lauren & I and some of her team went down to UW to meet the UW gymnastics team. It was so much fun, the college girls are amazing! We got to be down on the floor with them and watch their routines. They interacted with the girls and they all got their signatures. Lauren & Sammie were on cloud 9- it was pretty cute!

Team Storm

Ben's soccer team this year!

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Megan threw a fun surprise party for Ryan last weekend to celebrate his 35th birthday! It was so fun to celebrate on a Sunday without kids at a bar! Felt like we were in college again...minus the fact that my body can't handle even just a few drinks anymore and I had to get up at 5AM. But you know, it was fun to pretend for a few a few hours:)

Team Lightning!

Lauren's team finally got their first win this weekend! Next week is their last game so we were so happy to have a win this weekend!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Cute & Crazy Cousins

Couldn't love these crazies more if I tried!


Last week we had conferences and the kids got out of school at 12:15 every day. Since I had to stay & work all day some friends offered to the kids on a little field trip the aquarium. They had the best time and kept texting me all these pics. They were practically the only people there and the tour guides were bored so they basically gave them a personal tour of the aquarium. They said all the animals were out in full site and they got a lot of hands on experiences. They especially loved this cute baby otter! I was a little jealous but so glad the kids had such a fun time:)

Fun Run

Last week was our schools Fun Run! The kids raised over $30,000 which was amazing! We all had a lot of fun running and the kids were really proud of themselves!

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Last Week

 Lauren & her BFF Lizzie
 Me & my BFF Katie (Lizzie's mom)
 Lauren has mastered the art of sucking up. 
 Kevin took the kids out for donuts at Frost last weekend in their pj's. Whenever he does that he brings a donut for Lauren since there aren't any gf donut shops around here. Frost now has a gf chocolate cupcake- and a cupcake and a donut are practically the same so Lauren was thrilled:) Breakfast of Champions for sure! 
  Group selfies to send to dad since he's been gone a lot:( 
 Baking pumpkin muffins- his favorite! 
 Ben is obsessed with "doing cross eyed". He always says, "Mom do you want to do cross eyed". He acts like it's an activity or game or something. I can't do cross eyed and it totally creeps me out that he can. 
 Little Miss Lauren is beyond thrilled to have her first team jacket! First meet is on October 19th- can't wait to see how it goes. 

Randoms from September

 Well this whole full time working thing has definitely taken a toll on my is what we were up to in September. Kevin & I finally went paddle boarding, it'd been on my summer to do list but with moving I never made it happen. Luckily we had a really amazing September so we were able to squeeze it in- it was really fun! 
 Lauren & the neighbor girls have been helping me correct math papers! They were so cute and helpful until I realized they were writing comments on the papers like, "did you forget how to do this one?" etc...on problems that the kids got wrong. Oops...we had a little lesson on simply using checkmarks and stars. 
 Ben & I had a little selfie session while Lauren's soccer team was warming up. 

 Ben has fun playing with one of Lauren's teammates sisters during the games. 
They are so cute together!

 Our little goalie!
 Carson & Lauren "watching" Ben's game. 
 Lauren fell off the hammock and landed on the bar underneath! Ouch! 
 My class "pet" Sherbert came over for a visit. Lauren and Ben were thrilled to have her hear and we had to take pics for our class journal. 
 The kids in my class think Lauren & Ben are the coolest- practically celebrities. They report to me numerous time a day that they saw Lauren or Ben. It cracks me up...especially since Ben is 2 doors down from us. Not too surprising that they see him:) 
 Ben had to watch Minecraft videos on you tube with Sherbert...of course. 
My class won Kodi the bear 2 days in a row because we had the most donations! 
This is a big deal in first grade- you should have heard the squeals!