Sunday, December 14, 2014


 Saturday night we walked down to Evergreen Church to watch their light display with Ryan & the kids! 
 It was a perfect night for it, not too cold and no rain! 

 Sunday morning we went to Seattle Center to watch a bunch of our friends perform in the Winter Festival. It was so great to see everyone and fun to watch them! 

 It also happened to be Lizzie's 9th birthday! 

Ben was on cloud 9 to finally get his Hawks Box! He's been asking for this for a few weeks. Must have been a good luck charm since they won:) 

One more week until Christmas break!! But who's counting... 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Last Week

 Carson & Nana came to have lunch with me at school.
 Carson ate up all the attention from the kids and was a crazy man!
 We went and watched our babysitter Caitlyn in her school play at Leota last Friday. 
She had the lead role and she did amazing! We were really impressed!
 Kevin and I went to a work party for him and our neighbors annual party on Saturday. 
We had lots of fun...too much fun.
 My neighbor Katie & I
 Lauren had a gym meet on Sunday afternoon. She got 3rd (can't remember on what- I think bars?)
 She got 4th all around, which was awesome!
 She felt pretty proud to have a big cheering crew!
 It was Nana & Pa's 40th wedding anniversary and they were nice enough to spend their night watching her and brought her roses:)
 I found this on my phone...thought it was cute:)
 Our tree is up!
I have quite the collection of these letters. Gotta love her.

Thursday, December 04, 2014


 We got a treadmill and the kids are obsessed with it! I won't let them on it unless I'm watching so it's becoming kind of annoying...these two and their love for exercise. I wish it'd rub off on me!
 Lauren made this sign on the computer the other night and was so proud. Now if she'd only take her own advice...
 Auntie Teri came over for dinner and to play Yahtzee with us last night and we all had a blast!
 She's the silliest person we know and we all needed a night of good laughs and that we got!
 The kids loved playing Yahtzee which made me so happy since it's one of my favorite games!

Chistmast Time is Here!

 The kids were excited to see that Candy Cane returned on Sunday! 
They also got to open 2 early gifts.
 The Lego advent calendars and new Christmas jammies:)
We also went to see Santa on Sunday and there was no line! We just walked right up which is amazing compared to the 2 hours we waited last year!
For some reason Ben is really struggling with his smiling this year- we can't get the kid to have a normal natural smile for anything!

This picture kills me! Kevin & I were dancing and laughing and trying everything we could to get Ben to laugh or crack even a little smile. But nope, this was the best we got. It's like he was terrified and frozen stiff! Oh well...funny memories I guess!


 We headed up to Bellingham on Wednesday night after school so we could wake up there on Thanksgiving.
 Funny how car rides have changed since everyone has electronics...
 Thanksgiving morning we went on a hike. It was so beautiful and sunny out even though it was freezing!

 Miss Lauren pranced while the rest of us walked:)
 Lauren said, "Mom you should look up and take a picture of the trees and the sky, it's so pretty." So I did and I have to agree, it was so gorgeous out.
 These two sure do love spending time with their Opa!
 A rare moment of them getting along...
 Ben giving this girl a makeover...
 Redeeming himself from the makeover activity by watching some football (which he suddenly can't get enough of).
 Kelly & I went to Boulevard Park to go for a walk and with the windchill the weather channel said it felt like 3 degrees...and they were right! It was SO cold & windy we couldn't stand it. No walk for us!
 The water was the highest I've ever seen it, the pictures don't do it justice but it was crazy to see.
 Later Kelly & Lilly came over for a visit and we all got such a kick out of her. She is a doll!
Lilly was cracking us up- she wanted to play catch and every time she threw the ball she'd jump up and down and clap for herself- So Proud!
 When we got home from Bellingham we went to Nana & Pa's for dinner and the kids were thrilled that they still had some snow on their deck!!!
It's funny what a few centimeters of snow can do:) 

Such a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving! First time now hosting in many years and I could get used to it...:)

So Long

 Night out at Cactus
 These two can play Kinnect for hours!

Last week we said good-bye to some of the best friends anyone could hope for. They moved to England and we already miss them so much. We went out for one last night on the town before they left and had a blast (and paid for it the next day)! Ben & Luke crammed in as many play dates as they could before they left and Ben sure is missing his buddy. Time to start saving our money for a trip to Europe!