Sunday, May 17, 2015

Semiahmoo Wedding

 On Friday we headed up to Semiahmoo for Megan & Travis' wedding. It was a gorgeous night and everything was so beautiful! We had some food and drinks at Packer's before we got ready for the wedding- the food was amazing! I already can't wait to go back! 
 Megan looked absolutely stunning. Loved her dress, so simple yet so beautiful. 
 The cake was so cool! 
 They lucked out and had such a nice night- they got married out on the pier. 

 Fun night with the Koks!

 Scrub surprised Megan with the sweetest song about finding your soul mate. There wasn't a dry eye in the place. 

 Mother of the Bride with Sheila
Megan ended up joining her dad for a few songs, everyone was up and dancing, it was a blast! Such a fun fun night! 

The weekend

 The kids each tried kayaking on their own this weekend- they were so excited to be paddling solo! 
 We still aren't ready to let them go without one of us in the kayak next to them, but they both did great maneuvering it around. 

 I'm teaching a solids and liquids unit and another teacher suggested I make Ooblack with my class. I'd never made it before so I wanted to give it a test run before I made it with 23 first graders.
 The kids loved it but boy did it get messy!

 They REALLY wanted to add food coloring so we took it outside and they had a blast. Their hands were so stained and gross. 
 I will most definitely NOT be using food coloring for my lesson in class and we will be doing the experiment outside. 

 Ben had football tonight and while he was practicing Lauren and I walked down to the skate park where she quickly climbed this rock without hesitation. I attempted it for about 10 seconds before giving up...We do not share the same adventurous spirit! 
 After football we went to my childhood friend Alison's daughter's birthday party. She turned one and was so cute! 

 She was so happy and loving all the attention. 

 Lauren made herself right at home in the kiddie pool. She's like one of those big dogs that thinks it can still sit on people's laps. (Today she asked me if she could get in our kitchen sink...we need to work on spatial reasoning.)

Mother's Day

 We spent most of Mother's Day on the boat. Hayley joined us and we had fun going to the Farmer's Market and eating a yummy seafood lunch. 

 The girls tested out the hula hoops. 

 Fun to be out kayaking again in the marina- this was our first trip to the boat since the Fall. 
 The moms with the kids!

 After the boat we went to Ben's football game, for a walk on the Burke Gillman, and then dinner at Redhook. It was a fun afternoon.
 We came home and read in bed...for like 5 minutes, then the kids gave me a "massage". I was oh so relaxed after. It was pretty cute though:) 
They drive me absolutely nuts but I'm still super lucky to be their mom!


 totally  normal 9 year old b-day wish list
 Ben's killing it on the flag football field- he's kind of obsessed and really thinks he's the next Russell Wilson, it's pretty cute! He got the "MVP" medal a few weeks ago! 
 Lauren's gym coach texted me this the other day. She was going through their professional team pics they had taken and she said Lauren and her friend win for weirdest faces! Oh these girls!
 We won a kickball party in a raffle for school so Lauren and Ben each got to invite 10 friends to come to school early and play kickball with our PE teacher and have doughnuts. They LOVED it! 

 One boy asked me if we were going to get to do it every Friday from now on. Oh how fun that would be:) 
 The crew!
 Lauren and Lizzie
 Our friend Christie was in town for a few nights last week. It was so great to have her back and get to catch up. We had a fun girls night out and a fun lunch date and pedi's. 

 Luke sent Ben this bear from London since they both love stuffed animals. Ben wanted to send Luke a picture of him cuddling with it and "sleeping" with it. These two boys crack me up!