Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lake Chelan

 We headed to Lake Chelan for spring break- the kids had fun with their new book and their ipads:) 
 Sure makes the drive more enjoyable for all of us! The kids are baffled by the fact that we didn't have these as kids and can't figure out how we handled long car rides...
 It was snowing in the pass and so cold in Leavenworth. Not exactly how you picture spring break! 
 We had lunch at a great burger place in Leavenworth that had gluten free buns and fries! 

 Funny to see the trees blossoming and snow all in one! 
 The view from our condo was beautiful! 
 It was sunny but pretty chilly and windy the first 4 days! 

 Starbucks was just a short 10 minute walk from our condo- yay!
 We loved the Riverwalk Trail, so beautiful. 

 We went to lunch at the Blueberry Farm, I loved the eclectic decor. 
 Wine tasting at Tsillan Cellars, which was tasty and gorgeous!

 The kids loved the koi fish and they even got to "pet" them and let them nibble on their fingers...

Thankfully the hot tub was nice and warm so we spent a lot of time in there when it was cold and windy out! 

 The kids loved the basketball court at the condo.

 Monday morning we drove Kevin to Wenatchee to fly out for work:( Since it was colder than expected we stopped and bought some blankets so we could be cozier. 
 The kids had a blast building forts with them. 
 I thought it'd be fun to get get our nails done. We had them trim Ben's toes and fingernails so he wouldn't be left out. It was pretty cute!

 Then we headed back to the hot tub and I froze:) 

 These 2 geese spent the week right outside our condo- the kids named them "Frack" and "Skittles". 
 The wind died down at night so we walked over to Don Morse Park, which was super fun and gorgeous. 
 She does gymnastics everywhere she goes!

 We all had a blast on this fun bouncy toy!
 Proof- we did read while we were there:) 
 So amazing to wake up to this every morning! 
 On Tuesday my friend Emmy and her kids came over and stayed with us through Friday. 
 The kids loved having buddies to swim with.
 I loved having someone to freeze by the pool with me:) 
 Wednesday it really warmed up and we went on a nice hike along the river. 

 The kids had a blast jumping from rock to rock- they all eventually got soaked!

 That afternoon we went to Wapato Cellars to do some more wine tasting. The people staying in the condo next to us had 2 kids similar ages and we really clicked with them- had tons in common and even a friend in common! It was super fun to spend the afternoon with them. Loved that the winery had all this outdoor fun for the kids!

 Thursday morning we went hiking at Echo Ridge. The road to get there was a "non maintained road" and it was one lane, gravel, and so SO steep. Driving on it really tested my ability to face my fears...I was so freaked out but proud of myself for doing it...and we all survived! 
 Great views from the top! 

 So cute listening to all their conversations. 
 The crew!
 This was the biggest off road adventure my car (and me!) had ever seen! Kevin had his work cut out for him when we got home. 
 After our hike we got treats at Starbucks and headed back to Don Morse Park. 

 Later we spent more time down at the pool (Ben was pretty sun/wind burned and called it quits early). 
 This girl would live in the pool if she could. 
 We went out to dinner at "Valerie's Bistro" for our last night there. They even had gluten free pizza!
 Had to pose with "my" menu:) 
 We stopped at the beach on our walk back from dinner and the kids had a blast playing in the lake one last time. It was so pretty at dusk. 

 Lauren scraped up her face pretty bad in the pool- we thought it looked bad here but the next day was actually way worse. I just hope she doesn't have scars on her face! 
We stopped for lunch at Fresh again in Leavenworth on the way home- loved it that much!

Kevin & I hadn't been to Lake Chelan since we were kids, it was fun to go back with our kids. I definitely want to go again- maybe next time in the summer when it's guaranteed to be warm. Such a beautiful place with so many fun things to do.