Saturday, August 30, 2014

Friday, August 29, 2014

Ben's ice bucket challenge

Lauren's ice bucket challenge

20th reunion

 Last weekend was Kevin's 20th High School reunion. It was fun to catch up with old friends.
 Evan & Niki
 We felt like we were going to prom with all the pics!
 Of course we didn't have 2 kids when we went to prom... 

 This was one of the pics hanging up at the reunion- Kevin & Evan are the two laying in front. Niki are are were so proud:) 
 Rob, Evan, & Kevin

 They had a fun photo booth, we got some cute pics but my scanner isn't working. I'll post those later!
 Kevin, Evan, & Scot
 Kevin, Scot, & Kirk
 Kevin, Evan, Scot, & Kirk
Bored wives sitting in the corner selfie:) 

Thursday, August 21, 2014


 My grandma & grandpa are visiting from Arizona and my grandpa is visiting from San Diego. We all had dinner together last night- impossible to get a good picture with the crazy kids but we tried! 

 Lauren loves her Nana!
Crazy girl!

Idaho Cousin visit

 Abby & Chloe were visiting WA with their grandparents and got to spend a few days with Oma & Opa. They came down to visit us for the afternoon and it was so great to see them. Since we had missed Oma's birthday in July we decided to surprise her with a little bday celebration. The kids had fun decorating cupcakes- they were quite fancy! 
 Abby is obsessed with Minecraft so she & Ben had lots of fun playing together. Chloe joined it too...miss Lauren wasn't so thrilled with this as she has zero interest in video games.
 She loved getting one on one time with Chloe though. They had fun making signs in Lauren's room. 
 The gamers
 Happy Belated Birthday Oma!

 Abby (9), Lauren (8), Chloe (12), & Ben (6) 
Oma & Opa with 4 of their 6 grandkids! Next time hopefully Spencer & Kaitlyn can come visit too!

Discovery Park

 After a long day of unpacking the house and my classroom we decided we needed to get out and have some fun so we headed down to Discover Park for an evening hike. It was so gorgeous! 
 Ben kept saying, "Mom, did you see the mountain, it's so beautiful?" I love that he notices that kind of stuff. 

 There was a seal on the beach and we watched him scoot down to the water and swim away, it was so cool! 

It was such a fun night and the kids even thanked us for taking them! Gotta love that:) 

Northshore Schools Foundation

I'm an ambassador for the Northshore Schools Foundation and they had a booth at Celebrate Woodinville last weekend so the kids and I helped out for a couple hours. Lauren thought it was fun for a few minutes, Ben would've stayed all day. He loved handing out the million dollar bills to everyone and asking them what they'd buy with a million dollars if it were real. It was so cute! (We were handing out the million dollar bills because this year the foundation donated it's millionth dollar to the Northshore School District- pretty awesome!). 

Jetty Island

 When Doug & Marie were here we spent the afternoon up at Jetty Island. 
Doug & Kevin kayaked with the girls over there. 

 The rest of the crew took the Dhingy's over. 
 I love watching the kite surfers over there- there are so many, they are so colorful and it's just gorgeous!
 Mom & Dad
 The big girls

 Marie & I
 Ben- in all his white glory! 

 Poor Emma borrowed Lauren's suit and it was too big for her, she was such a good sport about it though! 
 Ben & Kev
 Miss Elle was in heaven with the mud! This girl likes to get dirty! 
 After Jetty Island we went back to the boat and ate crab on the dock- SO good! 
Happy Boy!