Sunday, March 15, 2015


Kevin set the kids up so they can text us from their i pads and they are SO excited. These are the kinds of texts Ben's been sending:) 

**And I know I used the wrong "your"- oops:) I blame auto correct! 

Mom & Kid Day

 Last weekend we had amazing weather- it was in the mid 60's. Kevin had to work all day so the kids and I had a fun day. First we went shoe shopping where they both convinced me to buy more than I'd planned, then we went to Chipotle for lunch. 
 After lunch we met Teri at Starbucks in Mercer Island at her new place!

 The kids were THRILLED to be able to swim and play in the sun for a few hours in March. So lucky! 
Love Teri's new place, it feels like being on vacation- looking forward to lots of fun times there this summer. 

Rec-Op State Meet

 Last weekend Lauren had her last meet of the year. Her team started at 9AM and they did great!
So many girls on her team placed and it was pretty cool to see them filling the stand each time!
 Lauren placed first on bars! Yahoo! 
 She was super lucky to have a huge cheering section. My friends Char & Casie came with Casie's daughters Sadie and Claire too! 
 Proud of Miss Lauren! 
 The older girls on Lauren's team competed throughout the day so since it was the last meet of the year Lauren and I stayed and watched all day! Lauren had lots of fun hanging out with her teammates Lucy and the other Lauren. 
 Lauren x2
Since we were there all day we had to go outside and wander around just to get some fresh air. The girls found this tree to play in and had to have pics:) 
 Cheering on the older girls. 
 The older girls on the team did awesome as well and at the end of the meet Lauren's team won 1st place!!! It was a super exciting way to end the season- so proud of the girls! 
Lauren with Keala, the owner of the gym and her coach. This is only the 2nd year Bothell Gymnastics has been open and competing and they are doing so well! We are so thankful Lauren gets to have Keala as her coach!

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Wallace Falls

 It was so sunny last weekend so on Sunday we decided to go on a family hike at Wallace Falls. The kids were less than thrilled with this idea but once we got there they had a great time (minus the fact that I didn't bring enough snacks and Lauren was mad she had to carry her own hat & coat when she got hot.) 
 The trail was beautiful and the kids loved all the mini waterfalls. 

 This is at the little falls which was the first stop, about 1.7 miles up. 
 This is the middle falls which is about 2.3 miles up- in my opinion this was the prettiest spot- you could see everything at once and it was was gorgeous. 

 The view into the valley was gorgeous too, but being scared of heights I couldn't get too close to the edge to take pics:) 
 The view from the top- 2.7 miles up. The last .5 miles up was considered "difficult" and it was straight up on a fairly narrow path. I was really proud of the kids for making it to the top! 
 Kevin & the kids went down to one of the view points, I stayed on the trail as this ledge made me queasy. They took my phone to take pics for me, so nice;) 
The view straight down. 

It's so fun that the kids are getting to ages where they can actually get outdoors and do fun activities with us! Loving all this spring like weather we've been having!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ben lost his first tooth!!

 Ben finally lost his first tooth this week, it just fell out while we were eating dinner and he very nonchalantly said, "My tooth fell out" while we were eating. 
 He wrote the tooth fairy a note. 
 "Thank you for picking up my tooth so much. I've always wanted to find out where you live. Thank you. Tooth Fairy is Amazing!" 
 He was VERY excited to wake up to a note from her saying that she lives in a magical place and $5!! She pays well for the first tooth.
He has 3 more loose teeth so he's going to be toothless before we know it! 

Thursday, February 26, 2015


 We just got back from a week in Maui with my family. I got to sit next to Carson on the plane which was so fun because it was his first flight (minus the one when he was a baby that he doesn't remember) and he was pretty excited. 
 Getting ready for take off! 
 These girls think they are SO cool drinking their Mai Tai mocktails. 
 We landed- Aloha! 
 Beautiful sunset from our room the first night. 
 The kids didn't waste any time getting suits on! 
 We had the best views. 
Having fun at Pa's party.
Happy 60th Dad!
Lucky kids to get to celebrate in Hawaii with Pa! 
Our first morning was super windy and overcast. Ben was determined to see a whale. 
We thought we'd head inland to escape the wind and went to the Pineapple Plantation. Our plan backfired, it was even winder inland and the tour was closed to do falling debris. We still had fun walking around and getting ice cream. 

It cleared up at night and we walked down to the beach and saw our first turtle of the trip. The kids and I were very excited:) 

This was Lauren and Ben's first time swimming in a warm ocean- so different than Cannon Beach or Seabrook! They were so excited when they realized the water was warm. 

Lauren and her first S.I. swimsuit shoot...she was killing me, rolling around in the sand, she really loved it! 
The next morning we woke up to sunny calm skies- yahoo! We quickly got ready and headed to the beach with our boogie boards. 
We went to Napili Bay and it was gorgeous!

Carson danced like this most of the trip! Just kept jumping and dancing around in the waves, it was super cute and entertaining to watch. 
Lauren had fun getting buried in the sand.
She made it out!
Ben was excited to try boogie boarding!

We went to Whaler's Village to get Shave Ice and do a little shopping. 
The kids loved this whale skeleton that is on display. 
Lauren opened up one of the oysters to get a pearl. 

I remember doing this when I was a kid and went to Hawaii with my grandparents so it was fun to see her do it now. 
We got the pearl put into a necklace for her, she's wearing it quite proudly. 
Ben got "Coral" the turtle as his souvenir. 
Fun memories of Hawaii!
We had an amazing view from our yard and this was the sunset every night! 
This picture so perfectly captures the difference in the kids. Carson and Lauren are being silly and practicing surfing while Lauren and Ben are patiently looking for whales. 

Ben & Hadley played a lot of Monopoly this trip, it was fun to watch them strategize...and cry and get mad when they thought the other cheated...but overall they were super cute:) 
Benny & Pa
Nana & Pa took us on a whale watching & snorkeling cruise to Lanai', it was so much fun! 
We saw so many whales- Ben counted, around 40. It was incredible to see them jumping and playing so close to the boat. 
The kids were pretty nervous to snorkel off the boat but both got brave and tried it. 
I really enjoyed the snorkeling and saw so many beautiful fish. I was super excited when a turtle swam up to me- I've turned into a total wild animal geek, I just love seeing them in their natural environment! 
The boat ride back to Lahaina was great- so many whales and perfect weather, plus they served Mai Tai's. 
The cruise was put on by the whale foundation so it was educational too. They had a little class for the kids and they loved it.

After the cruise we went to the pool to relax. 
Then headed back to the beach for some more boogie boarding. 
We saw another turtle up on the beach. 
The ocean water was warmer than the pool water- it was so fun to get to play in the waves and not be cold! 

There was a reef right outside our condo so we could watch the turtles eat the seaweed off the reef, it was really neat. 
Ben & I woke up first every morning so we'd sit outside and watch the whales- they were very active our whole trip and was saw so many from our condo yard. Ben tried to keep track but I think he lost count of how many. 
The 4 crazies getting ready for a walk to the market to get fresh coconut. 

Lauren & I liked the coconut milk, the others weren't really fans. 
They cut it open for us so we could eat the coconut meat. Carson refused to try it because "he doesn't like meat". Ha! He's a funny one. 
This is the right side view from our condo yard. 
The straight out view. 
And the left side view- Thank you Nana for finding this awesome condo for us to stay in! 
Tuesday night the 4 us went to the Royal Laihna Luau. 
We decided to go all out and get the VIP package and it was so worth it. We got front row seats, leis and necklaces and the kids just loved it! 
Lauren really wanted to wear make up to the luau so I put a little on her. I'm quite jealous of those lashes! 

The kids were excited to see the roasted pig- and eat it! 
I was super impressed with this luau. I called ahead to see if Lauren & I would be able to eat there and they have everything labeled so it was easy. We had so many options, it was great! 
It got a little chilly at night and we hadn't planned on that so I went and bought a couple sarongs in the gift shop and we cuddled up in them. 

Lauren was really amazed at all the dancing and loved the show. 

Ben had been super tired the whole show and was dosing off in my lap until the fire dancers came out- he woke up fast! He was so amazed by the fire! 
Lauren got her photo with one of the hula girls. She thinks it's so funny that they wear coconut bras!
On Wednesday we drove to Makena Beach with my parents to see the beautiful beaches- it was so gorgeous. White sand for miles. 
Then we drove on this crazy one lane road to the black lava fields. It was worth it though, really cool to see. 
Poor Ben's feet were so sunburned on top so it hurt to put shoes on, Kevin had to carry him. 
The mountains opposite the beach were so lush and colorful. 
Wednesday night Kevin & I went to Mama's Fish House for dinner. It was hands down the best meal we've ever eaten, completely lived up to the hype and then some. 
Such a fun night out! 
Miss Lauren and her sun kissed face- she got a few new freckles this trip. 
More beach time with the cousins on Thursday morning! 
Hanging with Hads. 
She wasn't as into to ocean as the others were but we had fun hanging out. 
They decided to build a swimming pool and were annoyed when it wouldn't stay full of water:) 

The water was so green on Thursday, I just loved all the variations in the colors. So incredible to have this view from our yard! 
Our old childhood neighbors were staying up the road from us so we went and hung out with them for a few hours- the kids...and Ryan, had fun playing in the pool! 
This shot cracks me up, looks like Ryan is standing on the water! 

Thursday night Kevin & I went to the Laihna Yacht Club for lobster dinner. It was AMAZING! 

Friday morning- our last day to enjoy paradise. 
This was my favorite, coffee in the yard watching the whales. 
Lots of swimming for our last day! 
They had shuffle board out by the pool and Ben loved playing. 
Carson and his big muscles!
Crazy girls!

Megan & I both got to get massages on Friday by a lady that works out of her condo. It was so relaxing and a nice way to end our trip- thanks Nana!

My dad, Kevin & Ryan went golfing in Kaanapali on Friday and had a great time. 
Crazy Friday night with another game of Monopoly. 
Saturday morning, saying good-bye!

So long Maui. Mahalo! 

A HUGE thank you to Nana & Pa for planning this trip and treating us to so many fun things- we are SO lucky!! And Happy 60th Birthday Pa!!