Saturday, January 24, 2015


 Wow- got behind on blogging this month! Here's a glimpse of what we've been up to. Ben got a little crafty with some of his new Christmas presents. 
 We went and saw Big Hero 6- LOVED it! 
 Lauren is continuing her love to squeezing herself into small places. 
 We cheered on the Seahawks for Blue Friday!
 Lauren and her first grade teacher- cutest Lynch fans I know! 
 Early morning run to Top Pot to get some 12th man donuts!

 Watched the Seahawks win with our buddies!
 Lauren and her team did awesome at the last meet- she got 2nd place all around for her age group and her team won 1st place! 
 I had a little coffee date with these two. He cracked me up the entire time!
 And I had to keep reminding myself that this lady is only 7, because she placed her order at Starbucks like she was 27! Apparently she prefers her flourless chocolate cookies to be warmed up:) 
 Took a quick road trip up to Bellingham.
 Got ready for the big playoff game with a football cookie
 and a Soy Vanilla Bean Frapuccino with a little bit of whip- these girls know how to order!
 Ben slept like a crazy man!
 Had to get our nervous energy out before the game with a walk around the neighborhood. 
 So nervous the whole game hoping for a miracle. 
 Trying to patient and then- BAM they pulled through and we WON!! Most exciting 3 minutes of a game EVER!
 Spent time at Boulevard Park with our favorite one year old Miss Lily!
 The girl has got spunk and we like it!
 Thankful for beautiful sunny days!

 Trying to get a good pic of these 3 was impossible. Notice how Ben is smiling and looking at the camera in all 3 pictures. The girls not so much...
 I love how the girls have matching faces in these pics.
This one cracks me up! We could've have planned these looks if we tried. Oh girls...we love ya. 

Fun start to 2015!

Friday, January 02, 2015


We had a really wild NYE this year, Kevin, Ben & I stayed home and played Monopoly and watched Fantastic Mr. Fox. We all fell asleep during the movie and were in bed by 11:00. Super Wild. 
 Lauren had a sleepover at her friends and they stayed up until 2:00AM! The girl has more of a social life than us... 
 Ben "watching" the movie!

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Visit with High School Friends

 A bunch of friends from high school were in town for the holidays so we had a little get together at our house so we could all hang out. It was fun to see everyone, hard to believe it's been almost 20 years since we graduated!! 
 Ben & Dave both got Madden 15 for Christmas so they had to play a little. Ben thought it was so cool that Dave played with him:) 
 Sean & Matt
 Me & Morgan
 Katie & I at Redhook later that night. 
Matt, Brian, Me, & Dave

Fun times! 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Morning!

 So excited to go downstairs to see if Santa came!!
 He came and he brought i pad minis!!! 
 He wrote a letter with some rules that must be followed with them:)
 He also took a selfie and put it as the screen saver! Silly Santa!
 Brunch with Hadley & Carson. 

 Lauren & Ben got Swingball for Christmas, a nice smaller alternative to tetherball! 
 A Christmas shot with dad:) 
  Lauren had fun playing Swingball with Pa in her new jammies! 
 Sheila, Kevin, & Matt 
 My mama and I admiring the beautiful sunset.
 Kids table
 Adult table
 Whip cream shots!

Not sure who likes Ben's new Madden 15 game...Ben or Uncle Ryan:) 

It was so fun to have everyone together for Christmas dinner this year! We are a lucky bunch! 
Hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas as well! 

Christmas Eve

 Nana & Pa took all the cousins to see Annie on Christmas Eve morning.
 Lauren & Ben always exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. Ben was excited to get some Legos he'd be hoping for and Lauren got the Leo she'd be eyeing:) 

 Cuddling on the couch before bed. 
Oma & Opa spent the night and Oma read "The Night Before Christmas".