Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lily is One!

 Yesterday we headed up to Bellingham to celebrate this cutie's birthday! She is so darling and has the best personality. Everyone had so much fun with Miss Lily! 
 Wasn't so sure about the cake...preferred the raw broccoli instead! 
 Laurie came up for the weekend, fun to all be together! 
 Lauren was in heaven with the babies, she loves carrying them all around. 

 Lauren & Jack 
 Birthday girl!
 It was a beautiful day so we decided to drive home via Chuckanut. The view was spectacular! 


 Ben went to a really cool birthday party last weekend with a magician. He had the best time and I had a blast watching him laugh so hard! 
 The magician called Ben and changed him from a frog to a prince!
 When the magician asked how you change a frog to a prince the little girl said, "You kiss him and she leaned right in" was hilarious. The magician told her he had a better way. With some magic words suddenly the cloth was now of a prince and princess!

 He also pulled a bunny out of a box and the kids thought it was so cool. Then they all got to pet it. 
Such a fun party for the kids, Ben was mesmerized by all the magic!

Spring Time Fun

 Lauren had a new friend from her gymnastics team over and they had so much fun practicing all their moves.
 Ben had a friend from class over and they were so excited to catch bugs!
 And wear their rock star sunglasses to the park...
 The Aquasox mascot came to school on Friday to kick off the Aquasox reading program. 
 1st night of spring break movie night!
Movie night selfie:) 
Sleeping Beauty enjoying her first morning of spring break! 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lauren's First Gym Meet

 Lauren and Coach Bianca
 Lauren with Sammy, her best buddy from the team
Lauren had her first gym meet today and she was pretty excited. She's been a bit nervous the past few days and this morning decided it wasn't really a meet, just a performance...which seemed to make her feel better. Nana & Pa and Ryan, Megan, Hadley, & Carson all came to watch her and we couldn't be more proud. She tried so hard and took it all so seriously. She did a great job and had a blast! Nana & Pa took us all to Menchie's to celebrate afterwards. Such a fun time for our girl!