Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hood Canal

 On Friday we headed over to Hood Canal for a weekend of camping and boating with Nana & Pa. 
 Ferry ride
 We stopped at the Grub Hut for lunch and it was so good! They had the best GF buns I've ever had. 
 Lauren likes Nana's sippy cups:) 
 Ben got an owie and was showing it Megan. We were all laughing so hard. 

 Our friends Emmy & Brian and their kids camped with us and came to hang out on the boat too. 

 Everyone's favorite part- S'mores!
 Ben wore himself out! 
 We stayed at Dosewallips State Park and river was so pretty. 
 Ryan & Megan were on the boat with my parents but came to hang out at the campground a bit.

 There was a milk carton boat race. Brian & Kevin took their boat making very seriously. 
 The winds just weren't on their side though. 
 Everyone loved the pool at Pleasant Harbor Marina. 

 We walked down the beach Saturday afternoon and it was gorgeous!

  There were oysters everywhere and luckily Brian had a pocket knife and a shellfish license so he started popping them open to eat. 
 I was shocked when Riley & Lauren just started eating the raw oysters. They LOVED them!

 Everyone was going on and on about how good they were so I decided I should try one (I love cooked oysters, just never tried a raw one).
 It totally looks like I ate it...however, the second it got it my mouth I gagged and spit it out! GROSS!!! The girls were annoyed that I wasted one, they are so weird!
 It was such a pretty night. 
The "Siamese Twins" as they were calling themselves. 
 We roasted hot dogs over the fire and made banana boats. Everyone had the best day and night and then around 11:00 it started sprinkling...we went to bed thinking it'd just be a little rain. 
 It POURED all night long! We hardly slept at all since it was raining so hard, there were pools of water in our tent, all of our clothes and bags were soaking wet and water was dripping from the roof. At 6:45 AM we finally got up and started packing up- so much for spending the morning hiking on the trails... 

Since Kevin's coat was all wet he made one out of a garbage bag:) 

 We all got some good laughs out of it and ended up having fun. We found a cute little cafe to go to breakfast at and warm up. 

 Then met up with Ryan, Megan, Carson, & Hads on the ferry! 
I think Ben had fun:) 

Super fun weekend with friends and family...minus the rain! 

Last Week

 Carson LOVES Benny's Legos and wants to play with them any chance he gets. 
 We went over to John & Aimee's for a BBQ with our CWU friends. It was the first time all of our kids have been together, they were pretty cute! 
 The kids had a blast playing in their big back yard! 

 We went swimming with friends. 
 Carson & I had a little coffee date and he had a lot to say! 

 Lauren read to Carson- they are so cute together. 
 Had fun playing in the kiddie pool after swim lessons. 
And Lauren saved a life:) 

Swim Lessons

The kids started swim lessons last week and have both been having lots of fun. Their favorite part is getting the hot tub after lessons:) 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Juanita Beach

 The kids and I went to the beach on Wednesday and we all had fun relaxing...rough life these two lead! 

 Of course Lauren set up a little hangout under the life guard sign. 
 Ben played in the sand a ton and got so dirty, he was rolling around in it. Too funny. 
 BZ brought Carson & Hadley to play too! Carson wanted to build a pool. 
 We all had lots of fun floating in the tubes. 

 Not sure what this crazy guy was up to! 
 He's always good for some laughs though!

 Bathing Beauties:)